Frequently Asked Questions

How is rain water harvested so that I can use it for free?

We install rain water tanks to your home or business’s gutter system that catches the run off water from your roof.

How much rain water can I catch?

Based on an average 1,000 sq ft roof, you can can catch up to 600 gallons with only 1″ of rain. Using this simple formula, you can determine how much rain water you can catch based on your specific square footage.


Is Texas water at a critical level like California?

Yes! The Texas water supply is rapidly becoming just as alarming as the situation in California. Failure to change our habits will have us at California levels by 2022.

Do you offer free quotes to help me decide what system is best for me?

Yes! We’ll come right to your home or business to evaluate the site and determine the best rain water catchment system for your needs and give you a free quote within 24 hours.

Do you offer maintenance packages?

Yes! Rain Ranchers can work you monthly, quarterly, bi-annually, annually, and as needed to assure your system is running smoothly all year long, including Texas’ extremely severe winters and summers.

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