Rain Ranchers Rain Spot – A Self-Watering, Self-Sustaining Garden Bed

Rain Ranchers introduces the newest rain harvesting water tank . It is a self-sustaining, self-watering, organic, hybrid, hydroponic, gardening system that catches and uses rainwater collected from one down spout. The water is pumped and distributed using a solar power pumped, giving you a complete garden bed for FREE! It doesn’t need electricity or city water. Once the tank is full, this garden bed is capable of watering itself with rainwater for up to 45 days. You can fill it with flowers, shrubs, and edible vegetables and it fits in perfectly as a display in either a residential, educational, or retail center. The combination of high quality soil and fresh rainwater assure your vegetables, shrubs, and flowers will be strong and healthy.

If you’re interested in having a Rain Spot rainwater harvesting tank installed at your location, call us at 940-577-2678 or email jenn@rainranchers.com

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